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The Dashboard - League Management

  • Leagues
    A League can be defined as an age group, or other common characteristic, which contains a Division or Divisions. If defined as competitive, standings can be maintained within the league. Each League can be assigned to a commissioner, via User Maintenance, who will only have access to that league.
  • Divisions
    Divisions are sub-classifications within a League and contain Teams. They are primarily used in competitive leagues and are not required to be named.  Each League must have a minimum of one Division.
  • Teams
    Teams are defined within Divisions and contain Rosters. Teams can be customized to either be included or excluded from the list of team home page links.  Team specific links (Player of the Game, Coach Notes, Player Pictures, Game Schedules, League Standings) can be enabled or disabled. Team pictures can also be uploaded and associated with their respective teams.  A team sponsor can be assigned to each team where applicable.
  • Rosters
    Each Team contains a Roster and can be posted on the team home page. Rosters include all players and can also include the Head Coach, Cheerleaders, Assistant Coaches and Team Manager. This information is used to generate a "Roster Handout" (accessible by "Coach/Manager" users only).  If desired, Coach Notes entries will be emailed directly to each player in the roster and pictures of individuals can be uploaded and associated with their respective roster entry.
  • Fields
    Fields are used when entering Game/Practice schedule items and appear in the schedule listings on each team home page. If an address is entered, the game schedules and referee/umpire schedule listings will include a map link to the field.
  • Referee/Umpires
    This function is used to store Referee/Umpire information including name, phone number and email address.
  • Referee/Umpire Schedules
    Referees/Umpires are assigned to games within the schedule and appear in the Referee/Umpire Schedule which is accessed from your home page.  Up to three officials can be assigned to a game and will be automatically notified via email of any new or changed game assignment.
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