Get your organized sport ORGANIZED! 
Administer changes during the season including schedules, post and email news, and update scores quickly and easily!
The Dashboard - Season Management

  • Organizational/League News
    For posting "News" for your entire organization or for posting league specific news from a commissioner.  By using the text formatting tools, each news item can be customized with HTML markup prior to posting and can be automatically sent to all users via email.
  • Coach Notes
    Used to post "Coach Notes" for a specific team.  Functions identically to Organizational/League News with a different audience.
  • Closed Schedules
    Upload schedules directly from a spreadsheet and then maintain game dates, times, locations, opponents and scores.  Assign game types (regular season, postseason, semi final, final) and game status (scheduled, tentative, cancelled, rained out, completed).  Coaches can add game specific notes, which appear in the team schedule listing, to any game in the schedule.  This will appear to your Commissioners and Coaches as "Game Schedules".
  • Open Schedules
    Similar to Closed Schedule Maintenance but for entering practices and non-league activities such as scrimmages and tournament games.  These items also appear in the team schedule listings.  This will appear to your Commissioners and Coaches as "Practice/Tournament Schedules".
  • Announcements
    Allows you to post time sensitive league announcements that will appear in each team's online schedule.
  • Player of the Game
    One of the most powerful motivators of young players!  Reward a player or multiple players by posting the "Player(s) of the Game".  You have the ability to enter a detailed account of each player's contribution to the game.
  • Update Scores
    Enter scores and/or change game status for ALL games at ONE TIME through this function.
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