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The Dashboard - Website Management

  • Settings
    All system settings are maintained through this function.  Organization name, program year, age cutoff date, default email address for email replies, your "ticker tape" news flashes, and home page content are stored here.  You can modify your website content quickly and easily by turning on or off team listings, roster listings, schedule listings, and all referee/umpire functions while in Settings Maintenance.  There is also a place to enter a home page popup message for those times when you must get everyone's attention.
  • Users
    Users are Administrators, Commissioners, Coaches/Managers, Webmasters. Anyone who will need access to the database for updates and additions should be added as a User. Users can be customized by changing various permission settings.  Permissions for rosters, schedules, coach notes, news, fields, referees/umpires, score updating, and file uploading should be set to allow access to the data that reflects the area of responsibility for each person in your organization.  The Website Maintenance Dashboard will only show those items that the user needs to use.
  • Menus
    Add links and/or submenus to your organization's home page and your individual team home pages using this comprehensive menu builder.  Control what text should be seen and its sort order within each menu.  You can link each menu item to an external web site, to an uploaded HTML or PDF document, or to an email address of your choosing.
  • Sponsors
    Sponsors appear in the Sponsor Listing which is accessed from your home page.  Maintain private or corporate sponsorship information including sponsor name, description of products and services, address, phone number, email address, and web URL.  Once entered, each sponsor will be listed, in the order you specify, and will include a map link to their location plus their company logo which you can upload.  This is also where you will enter information that drives the Banner Ad system. When someone accesses your home page, a banner ad is randomly selected from the list with priority given to those sponsors with a higher donation level.  Use this as a fundraising opportunity for your organization.
  • Documents
    HTML and PDF documents, for use with Menu Maintenance, can be uploaded and viewed with this function.  You can build HTML documents online with our Document Builder, without any HTML knowledge, which works just like many of the popular word processing programs available today.  You can also upload spreadsheets for use with the Schedule Uploading function.
  • Images
    JPEG and PNG formatted images can be uploaded and viewed with this function.  If too large, these images will be resized depending on where they will be used.  Team pictures, individual player pictures, sponsor logos and any image you might want to insert into a page that you build with the Document Builder.
  • Banner Ads
    JPEG, GIF and PNG formatted banner ad images can be uploaded and viewed with this function.  You can accept any existing standard size banner ad (468px x 60px) and the uploader will resize the ad to 390px x 50px.  Our Banner Ad Builder is a versatile function which allows you to create your own banner ads in seconds.  All banner ad images will be displayed as 390 pixels wide by 50 pixels high.
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